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What does the Progressive Outdoor Learning Journey for your children look like...

Getting back to nature, and building self confidence are our focus.  Our “Wild about Learning” primary school programme links into many KS1 and KS2 objectives and provides a mix of solid practical skills such as fire lighting, shelter building and learning how to use woodland tools with softer creative ones such as stone painting, bracelet making and leather work. We combine Forrest Schools "learning through play” approach with modelling and participation for specific skills.  We love what we do and we limit our sessions to only one school class at a time, with a Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant as this enables us to maximise the learning, cost efficiency while keep teaching ratios low.


Caring for the environment is core to everything we do, and we engender our philosophy of “leave no trace” every time we go to the woods.  We aim to buy all our supplies locally. The wood we burn is sustainably sourced from the same local woodland. The fish and meat is sustainably farmed, the way we cook creates very little waste, and we enlist the help of the children to ensure that we can recycle much as possible during our adventure days.


Years 1-3

Regularly visiting the woods builds confidence and children progress from free play and exploring to basic fire lighting using natural materials, building shelters and woodland crafts. Learning to identify common and useful trees and plants is part of the fun especially when played as a game.


Years 4-6

learning about knife law and how to safely use woodland tools such as knives to make tent pegs and other useful camp items compliments intermediate fire lighting skills (using only one match or a flint and steel when everything is wet) and other essential skills such as navigation, making and using alcohol stoves for cooking and water purification

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