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WILD about learning

Find yourself in the WILD


What school visit could be more environmentally friendly than a trip to your local woods? How about regular trips each term to learn more about the environment as well as some bushcraft skills that will last a lifetime? 


White Wolf Bushcraft was established to meet the needs of local primary schools in Reading by providing a programme of outdoor learning that starts in year 1 and progresses through to year 6 where the children are then ready for their next adventure, following the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.  


In year 5 the children put everything they have learned so far to the test by throwing themselves into an overnight survival adventure, where they navigate to camp, build their own shelters - that they then sleep in, start their own on fires to cook their own food and so much more. 

Corporate Offerings

What better way to find yourself and your team in the Wild than a bespoke bushcraft experience.


With 25 years of corporate experience in Management Development and Human Resource Management we are able to devise for you the perfect way to combine team building, learning new outdoor skills and reinvivorating the spirit by submersing oneself in nature


If you would like to find out more about our outdoor learning adventures please contact Mischa Tytel using one of the methods below

mobile: 07855 273435




Over our years at school we have participated in many Bushcraft trips. We’ve learnt important survival and life skills, strengthened our friendships and become closer to nature. I always think being in an outdoor environment does help you understand nature more, however Bushcraft goes the extra mile and makes you fall in love with the outdoors. When we play in the woods it’s crystal clear how much everyone feels more strongly connected and comfortable in the great outdoors. It is a safe, fun way to fully appreciate the Earth, a wonderful way to learn new things and I am sure many of the things I’ve learnt will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Louise McLuckie,
All Saints Junior School, Alumni
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